Your challenges with Innovation may include:

''How do I help my team start breakthrough Innovation?''

''Most of our projects appear to be incremental''

''How much will my Innovation team deliver this year? and next?''

''Is there an easy way to plan resources on projects?''

''How do I enter a new market with innovation?''

''Does the mix of new product development, maintenance, and cost-saving projects fit with
our strategy?''

''How do I help the leadership team prioritize projects?''

1. Project initiation & planning
- Team activity: start a new project, create project plan
- Facilitated process to deliverables and tasks
- Outputs: timeline, resource plan, requirements, motivated team
2. Portfolio planning
- Leadership activity: phase gate review & portfolio prioritisation
- Ongoing process to plan gate reviews (PMO)
- Periodic process to prioritize projects
- Outputs: gate reviews, portfolio in line with resources and strategy, engaged stakeholders

I help teams maintain project plans that form the basis of project and portfolio review

Best practice is to review projects when they should reach milestones

I help leadership teams optimise the mix of projects using factors that matter to the strategy